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I would like to start on a positive note and say that my book has 100 savoury recipes to get you started on your quest for good health. My book will show you what you can eat. You want to starve the Candida, but not yourself! The meals are varied, nutritious, well-balanced and, importantly, taste good! Depending on your own personal intolerances, the majority will be able to eat all of these recipes. Obviously, if your Nutritionist has told you that you are personally intolerant to peppers, then even though my recipe says 'peppers', unfortunately you will need to listen to your Nutritionist and not me and then find some other vegetable to put in its place! Over half of these recipes are targeted towards vegetarians and most of these are also suitable for vegans (depending on whether or not the recipe asks for egg). In some of the recipes, where I can, I have given options for vegetarians and vegans to try instead of the fish, meat and egg.

Now the not so good news … as they literally help to 'feed' the Candida, you will need to eliminate the following produce from your diet (that is until your Nutritionist thinks you can start to introduce them again to see what reaction you get). If you go on the internet and do a search, you will find conflicting information on what is allowed on the Candida diet. Some people allow certain things, some don't. You will start to understand what works for you and what doesn't in the first few weeks. My book goes into more detail as to what is safe, but as a guide to what you should be avoiding, if the following are contained in the ingredients, then they are not allowed:

  • Smoked, cured, non-organic meats
  • Yeast
  • Sugar (and all its many derivatives)
  • Vinegar and fermented products
  • Any dairy produce
  • Alcohol
  • Foods containing gluten
  • Fruit (fresh and dried)
  • Nuts (apart from pine nuts)
  • Coffee (caffeinated and decaf)
  • Mushrooms
  • Tea (apart from certain herbal ones)
  • Citric acid*

Where I use brand products in this book, I have carefully checked these to make sure they do not contain any of the disallowed ingredients, additives, chemicals or preservatives. I have also listed where these products are able to be purchased online, if not readily available in your local shops. You may also start looking at your toiletries, make-up and household cleaning products to see if you need to make changes to them to assist your well-being. Check what is in them … you may be surprised at what you discover.

I would like to point out here that if you are less restricted in your diet (e.g. a diabetic, coeliac or a sufferer of some other form of digestive disorder which is not Candida) you may be able to include some of the above ingredients in your diet to give you more variety. For this reason, I have included certain web sites in my book where you can obtain items, such as gluten-free products, etc. that are suitable for those who are not as constrained as a 'Yeasty'. You will personally know what you can and cannot eat, so you have the option of searching these sites for additional food you can buy. You don't even have to suffer with any food intolerances or health disorders to enjoy these meals. They are just as beneficial to the diet conscious and are a great approach to losing weight in a sensible and sustainable way.

You will notice that I have not included any 'dessert' recipes. This is because I work on the premise that if the meal is described as a 'sweet' then it probably shouldn't be allowed. I only find them a great big let down anyway. However, if you are one of the people that cannot go without 'afters', then it is entirely up to you if you want to do some research into pudding recipes, but don't say I didn't warn you!

As a taster, I am now going to let you in on three of my recipes, to give you an insight into what is available to you in my book. Give them a test-run and see what you think. If you like them, there's another ninety seven just waiting to be eaten!

* Please note that for the purposes of the Candida diet, the use of lemons is allowed, as it has beneficial effects for the digestive system, even though it is a fruit and does contain a concentration of naturally occurring citric acid!.  Tomatoes may also prove to be too acidic.  To that end, I would stress that if you are specifically allergic to citric acid, please do not use lemon (and maybe avoid tomatoes) where it is stated in my recipes.  Please note, however, that all of the brand products recommended in my book are free from citric acid.

Beef Tacos Greedy Guts Salad Kedgeree
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