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"Rebecca's book makes it so much easier for someone following an anti-candida diet to eat well and healthily." Patrick Holford


In 2010, I made a New Year's Resolution to write a free-from cookbook to help others suffering with food intolerances and an overgrowth of Candida. This health issue seriously affected my body, weakened my immune system, and made my life an absolute misery.  The following year the book was published and I am so pleased to say that I have helped so many others improve their health and outlook on life through my recommendations and delicious recipes.  Let me do the same for you ...

Welcome to 'Candida Can Be Fun!' You will have arrived at my web site as either yourself, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with Candida and/or certain food intolerances (i.e. wheat, gluten or dairy), or you suffer from an autoimmune disease.  You have come to the right place.  As a former Candida sufferer, I am here to give you hope and to help you adapt to your new lifestyle in the first few weeks from your diagnosis.  My book concentrates on what you will be going through and will give you ideas of the meals you can readily cook, with ingredients and brand products that are easily sourced.  It will help you prepare your kitchen for your new diet and offer you suggestions on what you can do to make the life changes a little easier.  This is your “Survival Guide” because, make no mistake, you are going to need it.  It is a frank and honest account of what it is like to live with Candida and food intolerances.  The next few months will have their ‘ups and downs’, I am not going to deny it.  However, you will be amazed at the positive results just by simply changing your eating habits, following a programme of supplements and looking after yourself ... and you deserve a bit of fun and pampering what with everything you have been going through!

Did you also know that the Anti-Candida Diet not only helps you lose weight fast, sensibly and nutritiously, but it will also help rid you of a whole host of ailments that you may have been suffering from? Candida can rear its ugly head in many forms and can lie undetected for years until suddenly your complaints appear to be gaining in size (along with you!), leaving your GP baffled. These symptoms can range from skin disorders, mood swings/depression to recurrent thrush/cystitis and digestive disorders. How often during the year have you felt bloated or had an upset stomach after eating, or have started to suffer with a yeast infection or cystitis after a succession of nights out drinking? If any of this sounds familiar then read on to find out my own personal story and discover how I got my health and fitness back ...

I would strongly recommend you read the introduction to my book before embarking on the recipes.  It is good to understand the whole process, rather than just getting straight on with the meals.  However, it is not just about the food, it is about your body as a whole.  You have to approach this ailment holistically: mentally, physically and emotionally.  My book does not go into too much detail about the illness itself, as there are lots available on the market that do.  However, there is no specific cookbook that offers you colour photographs of every meal, eliminating ALL the foods that the Candida diet requires.  All of my recipes are free from wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar (and its various derivatives), fruit, alcohol, yeast, citric acid*, caffeine, nuts (apart from pine nuts) and fermented products, making them suitable also for diabetics, coeliacs and people who suffer with migraines and a whole range of digestive disorders. You don't even have to have Candida to enjoy this food!  Gorge yourself on 100 delicious and healthy savoury recipes.  If my book can give you a new lease of life then all my hard work will have been worth it.  This may be the best purchase of your life!

Why not show your nearest and dearest that you love them with a copy of 'Candida Can Be Fun!' an essential gift for those who cannot eat sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, fruit, alcohol, yeast and fermented products. This book will be a perfect way of showing someone that you care about their health and wellbeing.

For those of you who have been on the anti-candida diet for some time now, I hope you are starting to feel the benefits after die-off.  For those of you considering the diet, your journey back to good health is about to begin...

* Please note that for the purposes of the Candida diet, the use of lemons is allowed, as it has beneficial effects for the digestive system, even though it is a fruit and does contain a concentration of naturally occurring citric acid!.  Tomatoes may also prove to be too acidic.  To that end, I would stress that if you are specifically allergic to citric acid, please do not use lemon (and maybe avoid tomatoes) where it is stated in my recipes.  Please note, however, that all of the brand products recommended in my book are free from citric acid. The same goes for pine nuts, if you have an allergy to any kind of nuts.

Also, it has recently been brought to my attention that rapeseed oil and olive oil may not be the most suitable oils for cooking at high temperatures.  Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil is great for dressings (although always buy this in a dark glass bottle), but I would recommend you purchase some coconut oil for frying foods.  Tiana is one organic brand that I would suggest and you may even want to try using ghee (Pukka also do an organic brand which is gluten and lactose-free, but take care if you are dairy intolerant, just in case).  You can do a Google search online for where to buy these.